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A strong marketing Partner with multiple sources of channels, Like Eduzina clearly showing campaign results over a specified period of time demonstrates the efficiency of Marketing. Eduzina international marketing shall enhance & contribute to the existing intake of the students nationally. Eduzina provides the international participation and enhanced business.
Today’s campaigns need a multi-channel approach to effectively reach national & international audiences. This approach encompasses multiple service providers and types of reporting. Eduzina helps you to streamline your international campaign & reporting. The institution can better evaluate merits of having international students & the impact of it. The applications provided are from group of countries.

Eduzina Features for the Institutions

Automated applications from 35 countries.
Easy online Admission process.
Easy to understand reports.
Global exposure to the Institution.

There is a better way to get admissions that to International Students.

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand, and the tedious hours of convincing students and following up to education consultants, melted away.

Imagine a world where you not only saved heaps of time every year, but where your Institution is recognized as global education hub with students from 35 plus countries. A world where you’ll always know how many students have enrolled and when are they coming, so you're never wondering where you stand. A world where you don’t have to convince students and consultants for admission because all this happens at a click of mouse and where you're organized every day of the year, meaning you can say goodbye to the stress to fill the seats.

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Why it’s better: because it’s designed for admissions, not for leads

Eduzina came to life when our founder heard complaining international students, and then… he kinda snapped.
He was unhappy with all the process and system. He had studied management at school, but found every way of admitting international student in the market was un-manageable and built for something else.
Frustrated, he wanted something different. Something better. Something designed for transparency & informed decision.

The result: Today, 100,000 students use Eduzina and Clients get students from 35 countries sitting on their desk in the Institution.

If you're still using old methods used by any average or small Institution under the sun, getting things done quickly is probably harder than it needs to be, and you could be saving time and generating more revenue if you used Eduzina.

So how does it work?

The first thing to know about Eduzina is getting started is ridiculously easy. Most Institution get their first enquiry minutes after starting their free trial. The same goes for “Offer of Admission” & “Letter of Admission”. Fast. Easy. Life changing.

 Today 100,000 Students in 35 Countries use Eduzina  

If you need help at any time, free award-winning customer services is a phone call or an email away. And if you ever have second thoughts, not to worry - on top of your free trial, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, so you don't ever have to worry about choosing Eduzina.

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So should you switch? The shocking answer: Yes.

Why switch? Because you will get International admissions – excellent International admissions - that Eduzina will pay for itself many many many times over. How many admissions? On average, Eduzina customers get over 16 admissions each subscription.

 Everyday colleges receive International admissions, Why are you missing on it  

Think of what is the value of 16 International admissions? Want more admissions, enroll for multiple subscriptions.

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