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Your Dreams Just Became Affordable !
14th November 2021 By Eduzina

The sheer thought of studying abroad gets your heart racing and you find yourself naturally and pleasantly zoning out for a bit, imagining what it would be like. But have you had a sudden sinking feeling, as you see your daydream shatter like broken pieces of glass? It is very likely and normal to have reality hit you hard at such times. 

Many aspiring students usually are in a bit of a predicament as soon as the thought - “How do I finance my education abroad?”, pops up in their minds. Tens of thousands of tertiary-level students who wish to study abroad, settle for education provided locally as most find it difficult to find an efficient and comfortable way of financing their overseas education.

India is popular in the education sector for its high quality of education and affordable standards of living. There are as many as 1000 universities and more than 50,000 colleges in the Indian education system which offer a varied range of courses across a huge spectrum of disciplines. Most Indian institutes award scholarships that could be categorized largely as the following - full-ride, merit-based, government-based, or for a sportsperson. They also provide fee concessions, find ways to support students, and chart out a self-finance plan for students. Many universities offer to counsel for planning a budget to Study in India.  

The Study in India program has financing schemes in place for students which are - Study in India Scholarship (Ind-SAT and non-Ind-SAT), and Fee Waivers. Around 2000 Study in India scholarships is granted to the most deserving candidates who apply to the program. The program’s partner institutes provide more than 30,000 fee waivers to students who are applying via the Study in India program. 


After a successful application with the Study in India program, you will need to allocate an affordable budget for your education costs, living costs, and other expenses. Candidates will be notified on their Student Dashboard if they are allowed the Study in India Scholarship or a Tuition Fee Waiver. While the scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and food costs, the fee waiver only covers the tuition costs. 


There are 2000 scholarships offered by the Study in India program, as part of the Government of India’s initiative. Candidates who have been shortlisted for the Study in India Scholarship will be informed of the Ind-SAT exam if they are from a country that caters to the Ind-SAT exam. The Ind-SAT examination is a 90-minute, online-proctored assessment, conducted in select countries to allocate a part of the Study in India Scholarships. Exemplary candidates, shortlisted from the list of the Ind-SAT exam, will receive the Study in India scholarship.


However, if you are from a country that does not avail of the option of an Ind-SAT and has been shortlisted for the Study in India Scholarship, then your documents would be further evaluated before an allotment. After this process, the most deserving candidates receive the scholarship across Ind-SAT and non-Ind-SAT countries. 

Fee waivers provided by institutes with the Study in India program may vary from institute to institute. However, if you haven’t received a scholarship, you are still eligible for fee waivers offered by institutes with the Study in India program. Fee waivers are provided in the ranges of 100%, 50%, and 25%. The Student Dashboard will reflect If you have been allotted a fee waiver. While it is probable you could be offered a fee waiver, you can always reach out to our team or the institutes with your queries and concerns about planning a budget for your academic tenure in India. 

Financing your studies abroad can seem frightening, but strive to let your dream see the light! Don’t get disheartened if you do not receive a scholarship or a fee waiver. There are ways to help you build a self-finance plan. Stay steadfast and we hope to see you soon in India!