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Transforming the Conventional to Online Learning Experiences
23rd January 2020 By Eduzina

The current world dynamics have caused a considerable shift in our daily routines. While some aspects will be altered for a long time to come, there’s room for us to adapt and improvise to keep pushing through creatively. That said, our education system was one of the first to plunge into a modern form of learning. Underscoring the importance of health and safety to students, online learning has become the pivotal method to ensure that learning never stops.

India has seen a significantly rising curve in technology trends and developments over recent years. With e-commerce at the forefront of the online industry, e-learning and online education stand at a close second.  Due to the pandemic, institutions across the globe have had to shift to online learning, allowing students to learn as they would in a physical classroom. All courses have been restructured to give students the best online experience, leaving room for flexibility. While the new course structures differ across institutes, they all have found innovative ways to overcome the difficulties. Be its course material, lectures, or activities, the digital ecosystem has made it easier to track performance and productivity across all parameters. Whether it’s examinations, alumni meets, placements, or internship opportunities, each has found its own room within the new learning system.

However, online learning doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Students may find it harder to concentrate on lectures while at home due to many distractions around them. A curriculum that requires deep thinking, activity-based learning,  laboratories, or workshops may not be as easy online as it is in a physical environment. The new structures of courses and assessment methods can often get intense and overwhelming for students. Restricted interactions between students and teachers can affect the students' passive learning process.

Many researchers also state that e-learning cannot possibly replace the physical classroom experience. But the biggest roadblock would have to be the digital divide for students. Remote locations, low internet access, slow connectivity, and technology barriers - all can be quite a hindrance to learning. While some issues like internet access are beyond an institute’s control, the system is constantly adapting to reduce the challenges and roadblocks.


Online learning also comes with its own set of pros that make it a great option, given the current scenario. One can learn from anywhere, at any given time, and all it takes is a laptop or a smartphone with internet connectivity. With life, recorded, and personal sessions at institutions, students are provided with a hands-on learning experience. Group activities and projects further encourage interaction. Learning platforms have also offered a more personalized sense of education, helping students develop a one-on-one teacher-student relationship. It is the students' responsibility to ensure their unceasing thirst and zeal for knowledge with online learning. This responsibility and the guidance and support from teachers & parents have helped students develop better morale for learning.

In addition to the efforts that institutes are undertaking to ensure a great learning environment, here’s what students can do from their end to help serve the purpose.

 Understand The Objectives Of Your Course

Planning and pacing yourself during the course gets easier when you understand the objective behind each lecture, activity, assignment, or test.

Establish A Schedule

Create a well-planned schedule for yourself that makes room for study as well as leisure. Balance is key!  

Pay Attention, Question, Interact

Designate a good study spot so you can concentrate more, ask questions and interact without disturbance.

Find Your Study Buddies

Bond with fellow students; you can learn from them and boost your own motivation and productivity in the process.

Be Open To New Methods Of Learning

The process is a work in progress. As methods of learning are ever-evolving, be open to them as and when they do.

Online education makes for a great alternative in the current times but the classroom experience is much more wholesome - one that we, at SII, advocate for. We can’t wait to meet our students, but your safety is our top-most priority. The first semester for all our courses across all institutes is being conducted online until further notice. Look out for updates on the same on our social media platforms. At SII, we are happy to address any concerns and feedback you have with regard to the new system set in place. Wishing all our students the best of health and a great learning experience ahead!