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Reasons Why MNCs Admire The Indian Education System
23rd January 2020 By Eduzina


                                "Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world". 

                                                                                   Nelson Mandela

Indian education is the right ammunition to equip your mind with the knowledge that will allow you to keep up with the dynamic global corporate environment. The world has lauded Indian students over the last three decades, recognizing India as a source for efficient and diligent employees. 

Global Accreditation– India signed the Washington Accord in 2014, which recognizes there is a substantial equivalence of engineering programs accredited by signatories of major countries of the world. Therefore, an engineering degree from premier institutes in India is recognized across the globe.

English, India’s Second Official Language – English is the unofficial global language. Indians are only second to Americans when it comes to English speaking with over 125 million speaking the language. Moreover, the majority of courses across Indian education systems are taught in English. 

Diverse Skillsets – Indian education system has trained its students to be masters of multitasking and creativity. Indians make up the 2nd largest pool of engineers and doctors in the world. It speaks volumes about the training system in the country. India is a startup hub with over 6000 startups. 

MNCs love hiring from India – Almost every major global giant has its presence in India. The big 4 consultancies like KPMG, Ernst, and Young to major FMCG brands like P&G, Loreal to media houses like BBC, CNN to technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google to automobile brands like Hyundai, Ford, BMW to fashion giants like Nike, Adidas are operational in the country. The companies have become familiar with Indian culture and are aggressively hiring from Indian institutes for domestic and overseas assignments.  Every year, companies across the world visit top Indian universities for campus placements. Salary up to $1,75,000 was offered to students of IIT Mumbai during campus placements in 2018

Top of the world– A total of 19 Indian institutes feature in the top 200 institutes of the world, according to the QS rankings. India’s higher education system is the 3rd largest education system on the planet and is equipped to take on the very best in the world. 


Established legacy– A lofty building must have a solid foundation. Indian students have been trained with the right balance of theoretical, practical, and hands-on knowledge, scaling it up to a global level. Indians like Sunder Pichai (CEO at Google LLC) and Raghuram Rajan (Chief Economist and Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund) are leading the world’s top brands

Globally competitive - National-level statutory bodies certify institutes listed with Study in India as recognized by NIRF and NAAC, therefore meeting global standards. Degrees from any of the institutes with Study in India will be surely recognized by the major countries in the world. 


Here’s your chance to leave a footprint on the world.