What is offer of admission & how to accept it?

Institutions in our network send “Offer of Admission” to students who are academically admissible based on the student’s academic record.

All being well, particularly if you have applied carefully, you will receive offers from up-to Eight (08) Indian Universities / Institutions. As you applied through Eduzina.com, you must respond to an offer of admission online through your Eduzina account – Student Profile.

In order to reserve your space in the program, you must accept your offer of admission by the deadline indicated on your offer letter. If you do not respond by the deadline, your offer may be withdrawn.

You can hold onto any offer you receive for 45 days from the date it is sent. And then you have to choose which one(s) you want to accept.

You can accept one offer as your First Preference (often called your Firm Acceptance).

You can accept a next offer as your Second Preference (often called your Insurance Acceptance)

You can select a Third Offer as your Last preference.

Be sure you fully understand the conditions of your Offer of Admission. Most offers of admission are conditional and require that you maintain a certain average in your current studies in order to retain your offer. Or make some financial commitment as advised by the university.

How to accept the Offer of Admission

Follow the simple steps below to accept the “Offer of Admission”.

Step 1: Login to your Eduzina Student Profile (with user name and password that is sent to you when you applied online).

Step 2: View “Offer of Admission” and check the conditions if mentioned by the university.

Step 3: ACCEPT the Offer of Admissions as your First Preference, Second Preference and Third Preference.

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