Eduzina Meet Ghana 2018

Let’s see how Eduzina Meet is important for students:

Authentic Source of Information: Eduzina Meet  is one of the most authentic source because of the fact that you are getting the information from the direct representatives of the Universities / Institutions.

One to One Interaction: Eduzina Meet is the only medium, which can offer a one to one interaction platform between the student and the university representative. Students, parents & guardians can clarify their doubts and that too without any hesitation or commitment.

Free of Cost Information: Students are able to get free information about the courses and the future prospects of studying in a particular institution. This makes education fair a very lucrative proposition for students to attend and take full advantage.


Receive Spot Admission Offers: A large number of institutions are able to give spot admission offers to the students which become a reward for a student who has taken the initiative to visit the Eduzina Meet.

Counseling and Career Guidance: A large number of students go to expensive counselors to discuss with them about their future prospects and also understand how to pursue their education and in which field; education fairs often provide this service without any charge to encourage more and more visits and more deliverable to the students.

Application Fee Waiver: Some institutions offer application fee waiver to the students making on the spot application to participating institutions so that the students are rewarded for their efforts and commitment towards their future.

Financial Options: Students are able to get detailed information about the various types of scholarships available for them and one can also learn about different means to fund their education like; education loans etc.


Date: 30th June 2018

Venue: Accra City Hotel, Accra – Ghana

Time: 09:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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