Admission Process

Admission Process

Step 1 : Apply online

Step 2 : Get offer of admissions

Step 3 : Accept the best offer & fulfill university requirements

Step 4 : Receive final Admission letter.

Step 5 : Apply for visa.

Step 6 : Discuss the arrival dates with university & travel to India


More Details 

1. How to Apply online ?


Login using your Facebook Id

Fill all the details in form and attached academic transcripts.


2. Where will I get Offer of Admissions?

You can check the offer of admissions by login in to your Eduzina profile.


3. How to know which is best offer?

You can compare the offer of admissions as per your preferences, here is list

  1. Course offered (Some universities give offer of admission in different course then that you applied for)
  2. Cost of tuition & hostel fees (Check the tuition and hostel fees if it is affordable for you)
  3. University Infrastructure (Go online and do some research about the university)
  4.  Rating & reviews of university (Check the details on Eduzina platform or Google)


4. How to get final admission letter?

After accepting the offer of admission and fulfilling the university requirements they will send you final admission letter. Following are the major requirements:

  1. Passport (Travelling / International Passport)
  2. Yellow Fever vaccination
  3. Bank statement of parents / sponsor (With sufficient funds – Approximate 2500 USD)
  4. Academic results authenticated by ministry of external affairs / Ministry of education.
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. Admission fees (Some universities may give you option to pay on arrival)

5. How to apply for visa?

Once you receive final admission letter you can apply online for visa  on the link below

You will need all the documents as advised in answer number 4.


For more information please visit : Frequently Asked Questions  Click here

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