Admission in 6 Steps

Eduzina made your Study in India application transparent, super fast and free just follow the process as advised below:

Please Note
1. There are NO 100% SCHOLARSHIPS available.
2. It costs 2000 to 15,000 USD per year for Study in India.

Step 1: Apply online (Required time 4 Minutes)
Visit and apply,  the application goes to various Indian Universities who may give you an ‘offer of admissions’.

Points to remember:
1. Fill your name as in passport or your academic transcripts.
2. Ensure your contact number and country selected are correct as universities may call you.
3. Fill in your parent’s contact and email address.
4. Select up to 5 courses from the list.
5. Upload properly scan or photo of your academic transcripts or results. (Many Universities do not respond to applications without academic transcripts)
6. Your application is free when you share it on FaceBook.

Step 2: Admission Proposal Letter
(Response time 7 working days)
If your application is selected you will get ‘Admission Proposal Letter’.

Admission Proposal Letter is like a pre-conditional admission letter, where the university wants you to understand the following:
1. University is ready to accept you as a student.
2. Regular Tuition: This is a fixed fee for that course at University.
3. Scholarship / Discount: Reduction of tuition fees from the regular tuition fee.
4. Net Payable = Regular Tuition – Scholarship. This is the amount that you will pay to University every year for the duration of course.
5. Hostel (Food & Accommodation), other fees are fees payable after tuition fees.

Step 3: Accept ‘Admission Proposal’
Click the button ‘Accept’ to finalize the university in Eduzina’s account.

Points to remember:
1. Once accepted the proposal it cannot change.
2. Compare Admission Proposals before accepting it.
3. Discuss the cost implications with parents/sponsors.
4. Write down all the cost implications & compare with  various universities in below format:

  First Year Second Year Third  Year Fourth Year
Tuition Fee        
Hostel Fee        
All Other Fee        
Air Ticket        
  1. Know your University; check University details on Google & YouTube before finalizing.
  2. Remember, Admission Proposal is valid for 30 days only from the date of issue. 

    Step 4: Conditional Admission Letter
    (Response time 7 working days)University will send your conditional admission letter and once you full fill their condition they will send you the ‘Admission Letter’.

    Points to remember:
    1. A conditional admission letter is a confirmation of reserving a seat for you for a fixed duration of time.
    2. University may ask you to full fill one or more of the following conditions: transcripts, passport, parent’s bank statement, national identity, letter of sponsorship, statement of purpose, bank guarantee, payment of partial tuition fee, etc.

    Step 5: Admission Letter (Response time 14 working days)
    University will send you the final ‘Admission Letter’ once you have completed all the required conditions. ‘Admission Letter’ is a confirmation of admission and you should start packing your bags.

    Step 6: Apply for visa
    Apply for a visa at the nearest Indian embassy.
    Points to remember:
    Read Eduzina’s article about we wrote about Student Visa.
    Check all the details on the University website.
    Check the Indian Embassy website of your country.

    Do you have any questions? 
    Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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