International Student Mobility to India (New)

Do you think only Indians go abroad to study, last year, India was home to 47,427 foreign students from 164 countries, including 1,518 from the US.

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Of the total foreign students came to India last year , the highest number came from Nepal which contributed 26.88%, followed by Afghanistan (9.8%), Bangladesh (4.38%), Sudan (4.02%), Bhutan (3.82%,), Nigeria (3.4%), the US (3.2%), Yemen (3.2%), Sri Lanka (2.64%), and Iran (2.38%).

73.4% of foreign students are enrolled in undergraduate courses, followed by Post Graduate with about 16.15% enrolment. Enrolment in rest of the levels constitutes 10.4%.

The maximum numbers enrolled in PhD are from Ethiopia followed by Yemen.


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