Digital ways to attract International Students ?

When it comes to making a choice on where to go for higher education, many students opt to study abroad. For colleges and universities across India, international students are not only a great source of income but also a valuable part of their student body.


1. Clear & Simple Information

 Institutions should ensure they have an updated, optimized website that makes it easy and enjoyable for site visitors to browse, find informative materials, and read relevant content. This includes:

  • Information that is particularly pertinent to international students should be clearly visible and easy to access by creating a dedicated web-page for international admissions.
  • Mobile-friendly is key in order to make prospective students stick around your site long enough to gain an interest in your institution and is key in ranking on search engines.
  • Links to key pages of interest, such as scholarships, financial aid, and visa application information.
  • Key contact details so students from abroad can get in touch with an international admission counselor.

2. Offer Virtual Tours

Choosing the right college or university is truly a massive decision for these people, and so it’s important to weigh everything.

By providing virtual tours of your school, the facilities, campus, and much more, your institution can reach out to international students from afar and show them exactly what is on offer.

3. Boost with Info-graphics

Research by Google Trends shows a massive growth in popularity for info-graphics in recent years. Professionally designed visuals more eye-catching but they also get shared more. Instead of trying to stand out from the pack with nothing but text-based articles, you can use info-graphics to support your content. It takes a little longer, but the marketing ROI on good visuals is well worth it.

4. Student Testimonials

Solid social proof is powerful nowadays. 

You can employ this clever marketing strategy in multiple avenues:

  • Website – Share success stories from current students and alumni on their experience for prospects to read and learn from
  • Social media channels – As you can reach a massive audience, especially with targeted advertising on Facebook or Twitter
  • Blog content – A specific blog post will boost organic search results and develop a recognized brand voice that resonates with potential students.

Good content marketing can forge a relationship with your students, past, present or future.


5. Be Innovative with Social Marketing

Social media and widespread internet use certainly make it more feasible to reach wider, more global audiences.

Educators must show international students that life within their campus, city, and country is a great fit for them. It must be more than a brand name or course on offer and look at attracting international students by sharing ethos, values and showcasing career prospects.

With strategic digital marketing, your institution can connect with prospective students and influence their decisions, improving enrollment numbers as a result.

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