How to select an Indian University / College?

Indian education sector is booming and as an International student or International Government body looking to send students in India, you must read this article.

How are you going to determine which is good University or College? Answer is simple find out if it is NAAC Accredited ?

NAAC Accreditation

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) was established in 1994 as UGC autonomous body. NAAC accreditation for colleges is an integral part of the functioning of higher education institutions in India. NAAC accreditation is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes in India and only NAAC-accredited universities in India are eligible for UGC grants.


NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute in terms of education, infrastructure, research, teaching & learning etc. Institutes with top NAAC grades such as ‘A++’, ‘A+’ and ‘A’ are most sought-after institutes, as they offer high-quality education. On the other, all the recognized institutes of UGC must apply for NBA/ NAAC/ any other accreditation after the completion of the first or second batch of courses.


Important to Understand & Inquire

Some colleges will take accreditation for one of its college and market as they are NAAC accredited. For Example if a college is NAAC accredited for Engineering and you want to study Pharmacy with them then you are not going to NAAC accredited college for Pharmacy. Please research this point well before admission. You can visit NAAC website for varification

Benefits of NAAC Accreditation for Students

In simple terms, NAAC accreditation or grade of a higher learning institute will help the student to figure out all the details about the institute such as quality of education, research output, teaching-learning, infrastructure etc. NAAC grade helps students to choose the best institute based on its NAAC grade/ performance in the NAAC accreditation process. NAAC grade also determines the value of degree offered by the higher learning institutes.


In all, NAAC is one of the major accreditation agencies in India, which is mandatory for all the higher learning institutes.


How do Colleges and Universities get NAAC Accreditation?

NAAC grades and assesses higher learning institutes through a three-step process. All the universities and colleges affiliated to UGC are eligible for NAAC accreditation. However, it is the responsibility of the institutes to apply for NAAC accreditation. All the details pertaining to the NAAC accreditation process, performance indicators/ parameters, the grading system and re-assessment are elaborated below.

NAAC Grading Criteria & System

Before going ahead with the NAAC Grading system, it is important to have a look at the parameters/ indicators of NAAC assessment and accreditation process.

NAAC Parameters/ Indicators

NAAC assess the higher learning institutes based on the following parameters or indicators –

  • Teaching-Learning & Evaluation
  • Infrastructure & Learning Resources
  • Research, Innovations & Extension
  • Curricular Aspects
  • Governance, Leadership & Management
  • Student Support & Progression
  • Institutional Values & Best Practices

Total Number of NAAC Accreditation’s (as on 26/09/2018)


Type of Higher Learning Institute First Cycle Second Cycle Third Cycle Fourth Cycle Number of Accreditation’s
Universities 329 159 66 0 554
Colleges 7547 3321 739 11 11618
Total 7876 3480 805 11 12172


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