Top 7 Reasons – Why you should study in India?



Picking out a college for yourself – what can be more exciting than that! If you have India on the cards as your study destination, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. This is one country where you will get access to top class education and facilities and a learning experience that is beyond comparison. Here are seven ways in which India will become the most profound teacher of your life:


#1: Top class education

Do not, for one second, consider Indian universities and colleges to be, in any way, inferior to western institutions. Whether it is technical studies, business learning or creative pursuits, Indian colleges will provide you with up-to-date instruction and learning facilities to ensure you have a fantastic career ahead.




#2: Growth opportunities

Whether in terms of economic growth or entrepreneurial opportunities, India already has the world in awe. Top businesses and brands from all over the world are setting up shop in this country. So once you complete your education, you can always think of starting your career in India too!



#3: Cultural diversity

Think about it – where else on earth will you get a chance to have an up-close-and-personal encounter with almost all major religions of the world, hundreds of languages, customs, beliefs, festivals and art forms – all in one place? That is the thing about India – diversity strives and thrives here as a happy part of its thumping culture.




#4: Spirituality

It’s not just yoga and meditation for relaxation – India will offer you a chance to have a one-on-one with your inner self. Set off on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace with the spiritual teachings from learned Indian gurus that the world is in awe of.



#5: Geographical variance

Within the expanse of one country, you will get to enjoy and explore almost every kind of geographical setting that our planet has to offer – snow clad mountains, sweltering deserts, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and gushing rivers, dense forests, denser concrete jungles (consider the Mumbai skyline!), caves, marshlands and so much more! Every weekend you have off from your studies can be used for a new adventure!



#6: Food, Food, Food!!

The edible variety available in India will blow your mind! The vegetarian food here is to die for and the royals of the country have left an astonishing non-vegetarian cuisine behind for people to enjoy and follow. There are more types of sweets here than you’ll know what to do with and ‘chai (tea) + samosa’ will win your heart before you know it!




#7: The people

Yep – the best part about studying in India will be the beautiful, welcoming, warm and supportive people of the country. In just a few months of being here, everyone will feel like your own! Get ready to have an extended family in India that will make a place in your heart forevermore!

Your time in India will change you – more than any other learning experience can. It is more than just education, you will learn life’s true meaning in this amazing country!



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