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At Eduzina is to create a transparent
gateway to fast track the admission
process for international students.

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Eduzina one stop solution for all the international students to study in INDIA

Eduzina is a one stop solution for all the international students to study in INDIA. Established in 2011, the core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing undergraduate education in Indian institutions.
Eduzina provides information regarding higher education in India to 35 countries and has a command over the education system India. Eduzina assists the international students on the admission & selection process to Indian Institutions. The students questions & the need are addressed appropriately, suggests renowned institutions & guiding them into proper courses.
The platform created by Eduzina to connect the international students & the Indian Institutions is the simple answer to all the needs and requirements of the international students.

Eduzina is the best

"Eduzina is a tool that connects International students with Indian Institutions".

Helping international students to get admission in best Institutions.



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And This is how it started?

The Eduzina story dates back to January 2011, The shadowy world of college admissions in India has left millions of international students to get confused and frustrated, the international students were finding it difficult to reach India to pursue their ndergraduate & post graduate studies. The admission process wasn't transparent.
The past bitter experience of international students prompted the Eduzina founder to visit African countries to promote “Study in India”. He continued this for four years, organized several seminars, conferences, education fairs, to promote the study India programme. It was a herculean task of appointing 100 plus education consultants in 22countries, with rich knowledge about India & the Institutions. In the year 2016, Eduzina is a brand name in certain African countries.
By providing most transparent admission process, Eduzina has carved a name for itself; our motto at Eduzina is to attract International students in to Indian institutions.
Eduzina effort is to promote not only the most popularly Promoted colleges but also the colleges that provide the best quality of education.
Eduzina effort is to promote not only the most popularly Promoted colleges but also the colleges that provide the best quality of education. Eduzina makes it Simple; just with a few mouse clicks the student can reach number of colleges!

What we offer?

  • A list of authentic universities verified by our industry specialists
  • Myriad of courses matching industry standards
  • Reviews of universities generated by International students in India
  • A real insight in universities and the facilities provided by them
  • Understanding of life in India

What you get?

  • Variety of courses to choose from
  • Freedom from the hassle of middlemen
  • Surety of making the right selection
  • Guarantee of acceptance from best colleges
  • Preference in scholarships from various colleges
  • Speedy admission process
  • Saving up economically by cutting on the consultation fee

How it works?

  • Create your profile and select courses you are interested in. Apply online to universities in your relevant stream.
  • Universities will send Offer letter based on your application and student profile.
  • Shortlist one university based on courses offered and reviews submitted by alumni and industry specialists.
  • Get your visa approved and start packing your bags for your journey to a successful career beginning in India

Our Team

We, at Eduzina work as driving force and Our Team is our greatest asset.
They bring to us an experience of more than 25 years in the field of education.Eduzina’s
vision is sustained with its management. We have worked day and night with
all their capabilities to make this project a success.


Mr Ramesh Venkatmuni

Chairman & Co-founder


Mr Saurabh K Mishra

CEO & Co-founder


Mr Ezhil Paari



Mr Ezeasor Kingsley Prince



Mr Husain Saify

Teachnical Head


Mr Rithik Soni

Coding Ninja

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