Established in 2010, Rabindranath Tagore University is known as the nation's first private skill-based university located in Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh, India. The university was formed by the Rabindranath Tagore Group in 2010 and is officially certified with NCTE, AICTE, and BCI.

The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research level programs in Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Commerce, Education, and Management.

The university offers education facilities under the guidance of experienced faculty members with PhDs from acclaimed institutions like IIT and NIT. In 2018, the university was recognized amongst India's Top 30 Private Universities by India Today.

Why Rabindranath Tagore University

Fifteen magnificent buildings in totally pollution free RNTU green campus attract you straight away located between two hills the beautiful panoramic view of the University reminds you of Shantiniketan, Nalanda and Taxshila. Experienced faculty, world class infrastructure, good placement at RNTU may also highly impress you. Some of these things you may find elsewhere also, but what puts RNTU head and shoulder above the rest is much beyond this. Some of these beyond listed below must be examined before you decide your career as student.

  • National Outlook- AISECT Group of Universities have established five universities in rural areas of CG, MP, Jharkhand and Bihar aiming at enhancing affordability and accessibility of higher education with a vision to provide top quality higher education driven by research, skill development entrepreneurial –motivation and overall development of personality. RNTU is leading university of the Group.
  • Core Research Group (CRG) - With allocation of Rs. 1 Crore seed money and annual budget of Rs. 1 Crore to promote research, CRG has been formed. RNTU means lot of research.


  • Strong Research & Academic Collaborations-With 15 International and about 30 national level collaborations, one mega International/national seminar/conference every year, several academic/research workshops events every year make RNTU most happening place for exposure.
  • Publication of UGC Approved Journals- In house publication of UGC approved two research journals for last 6 years indexed by Copernicus and available on line provide a special status to RNTU.


  • Creative Environment- Excellent facilities, motivation, reward and support has resulted in over 1000 papers and 50 books published by faculty/students in a short period of 5 years. Talent is rewarded at RNTU.
  • Navratn Centers of Excellence- There are 9 centers of excellence for research and skills in Energy, Material Science, Earth & Space Science, Agriculture, Arts & Literature, IoT and Computing, Science Communication, Entrepreneurship and Environmental science. These centers promote research environment in the University. RNTU wakes up the scholar in you.


  • International Consortium

RNTU has created an International Conference of 20 countries on ‘Water, Energy, Environment & Society’. In 2016 an International Conference ICWEES-16 was organised at RNTU and proceedings of 350 papers published by Springer. ICWEES-18 being held at Tunisia. International Exposure at RNTU is outstanding.

  • Awards- Year after year RNTU has received Excellence award for skill, innovation and research at State, National and International level. RNTU awards are testimony of excellence attached to its degree & diplomas.


  • State of Art Studio and Center for e-Learning – RNTU has developed huge amount of soft content to promote e-learning. Teaching Learning method at RNTU has chalk & talk as well as click and view.
  • IoT & Cloud Computing Lab - First University in MP to establish IoT Lab by Frugal and Intel and Cloud Computing Lab by Microsoft. RNTU is generation next university in technology.


  • Skill Academies – RNTU has been first to introduce skills as compulsory credits. Established 7 skill academies imparting hands on training in 55 skills. RNTU is the first skill based university in the region.
  • Financial Assistance & Motivation- Shikha Mitra Scholarship for meritorious students amounting to almost Rs. 80 lakh. Financial assistance to faculty for upgradation of Qualification. University rewards for every single good job done. RNTU values talent and competence.


  • Atal Incubation Center- One of the only two universities in Madhya Pradesh to receive Phase-I of AIC by Neeti Aayog. RNTU produces job providers with a purpose.
  • Project Unnat Bharat- Awarded by the MHRD. The University is working in 5 villages for their upliftment. It is wholastic development at RNTU for every student.


  • Extension Work- The University is working in surroundings area to generate awareness helps them through numerous prorammes launched by GoI i.e. Digital India, Swach Bharat, Jandhan Yojna etc. Every year students & faculty camp in villages for 7 days. Nation first for RNTU.
  • Green Campus

The only University in central India to get grant from MNRE for Green Campus. RNTU committed to Green World.

  • Resources & Environment- Almost 50% faculty with PhD and industry background, state of the Art lab with industry grade equipment, ICT loaded industry based CBCS curriculum makes RNTU the first choice for higher education.


  • A Mini India in RNTU-Students in RNTU come from about 23 states provides a lovely demographic diversity. Foreigner’s students from about 5 countries provide international dimension.
  • Campus Life- Excellent hostel facility, canteen with choice food, sports facilities of international standard, debating, drama and literary clubs, cultural events & competition round the year make campus life most memorable affair for students.


  • AISECT the Sponsoring Body-RNTU has been established by AISECT, a 30 year old leading Education Network of India providing various educational services to lakhs of students through over twenty thousand centers in all the states of India. This provides rock footing for RNTU.
  • Student Activity Council (SAC) - Most of the events, guest lecturers etc are organised by students. They are member in all management committee. They publish research periodical Horizon and literary magazine Lekhni. SAC is the most vibrant body and the nodal point of activities.

Student Activity Council (SAC)

 Most of the events, guest lecturers etc are organised by students. They are member in all management committee. They publish research periodical Horizon and literary magazine Lekhni. SAC is the most vibrant body and the nodal point of














International Hostel

International Cuisine






Conference Hall




Fits in budget, nice campus but out side the city


Good university

Umaran Lucas

. It has a well-organized library with easy book search and reading facility. The college has an excellent hostel and sports facility. Placements are sure for students with average standard especially Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Meteorology, Mining, Ceramic has high placement options.

Jordan William

Good University Staff

Joshua mark


Malleow bibe


Bella Augustus


mark joshua


Onuh Matthew Ojonimi

The Best Of Its Kind In India


Very good University, I come from Guinea (Conakry) and I like this place.


Are there intellectual conversations outside of class?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

10% All the time, including weekends

20% Sometimes, but not often.

50% There's usually Intelligent conversations to be found.

20% Never

What's the sports culture like?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

0% We don't play sports.

50% We play recreational.

50% We play sports daily.

0% We live for the big game.

How politically active are students?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

20% We're Apathetic

70% We know about current events and vote.

10% We participate and encourage others to get involved.

0% There's nothing we won't protest.

Is the arts culture a priority?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

0% It's not really our thing

0% Occasionally we gallery crawl

60% There are a variety of opportunities

40% We're a very artistic group

Do you feel safe on campus?(10answers)

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10% I'm always terrified

50% I only go out in groups

20% I usually let someone know where I'm going

20% I feel extremely safe

Do students drink alcohol?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

40% We're not into drinking at all

40% Maybe a little, but it's not a big thing

20% We only party on weekends

0% There's some drinking happening every night

How accessible are your professors?(10answers)

10 answers given for this question.

10% Haven't met them

70% Available in class

10% They keep regular office hours

10% They're always available