How to get scholarship in an Indian university for a foreign student

Wish to study in India? Are you also thinking about getting a scholarship on your tuition fee and admission fee? Don’t go anywhere, you are reading the right article. Here, you will learn about the scope of scholarship obtainable for international students who seek to study in India.

How to get the scholarships for an Indian university

There are quite a number of parameters to consider when a foreign student applies for scholarship in an Indian university. These parameters depend on number of factors, such as state (location) of university, course applied for, duration of the course and other Indian Government scholarship schemes.

Many students find it difficult to pinpoint exact details of scholarships available to them for studying in Indian universities. This blog summarizes a few information pointers to assist such students.

Steps to get scholarship 

  1. To find the schemes and criteria for getting scholarships, one can browse the Indian Government websites for government scholarships and other Indo-cultural schemes for international students.
  2. There is a fair chance to speak with career counselors and professors who are available at the college or the university on call. They will guide you and can even direct you to the right scholarship options provided by their university.
  3. After this you can search for the right scholarship option for you, such as General Cultural Scholarship Scheme (GCSS), Reciprocal Scholarship Scheme and other fellowship programs for mater degree students (and even for undergrads).
  4. When you finally find a scholarship that applies to your profile, getting ahead with the admission procedures comes in the picture.

One important thing to remember here is to approach authentic online portals for admission instead of contacting admission agents. Oftentimes, direct-admission agents can be fraudulent, misleading you for swindling money. There are good online portals that help international students to apply for scholarships for an Indian university on the right and legal terms.

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