How safe is India for international students?

Safety is a basic human need which impacts all activities. Especially for students who are required to travel far and wide seeking knowledge, safety is the keystone of education. The assurance of peaceful classes, amiable peers and colleagues, friendly and flexible government policies and helpful people are some examples of “safety” that every student looks for.

Travelling to India for education can be a challenging task to the unprepared. However, to those willing to wear the shoes of an explorer, India is a box of treats. Below is a list of “Safety” concerns that a student may face in this country of many cultures, and how they can be tackled.


#1: Cultural aspect

India is a country of mixed cultures. One will find people from many different parts of the world here – people who are working, studying, visiting and settled. Native Indian population (mostly in small cities and villages) is drawn by the stark cultural differences they witness between themselves and foreigners, which may trigger an initial reaction of surprise – like gawking or staring. While this certainly impacts safety, it can be tackled by wearing clothes similar to the locals of the area to tone down the difference by some degrees. Just blend in.


#2: Travelling aspect

India is filled with amiable and hospitable people. Travelling is safe in happening cities – metropolitans, large cities, business hubs, etc., where the population is broad-minded and familiarized with foreigners. However, in the more remotely located, native areas where western culture is yet to penetrate, it is advised to travel in groups, preferably with someone who knows the area.

#3: Living aspect

Just like any other country, miscreants may try to make a few quick bucks off you – and just like any other country, if you avoid certain places with a bad reputation, you won’t ever have to deal with such bad experiences! There are plenty places to do shopping where you can safely enjoy, spend and have fun. There are malls, commercial complexes and many such areas that foreign students can visit with their local friends to enjoy shopping and activities without fear of being ripped off.

Every country has its shortcomings. India happens to be one with the least number of them – which makes it easier for students to come and study here.

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