Cost of living in India

As a student, one of the questions that you are asking about studying is India is how much it will cost to live there. Of course you have to worry about the Tuition Fee, but what about the other costs you may have to deal with there? Let’s take a quick look at the cost of living in India and how it may affect your budget if you study in India.


The cost of living in India is going to vary depending on what part of the country that you live in. If, as a student, you decide to live in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai you will be paying more than you would in other parts of the country.


The prices in India are very economical to buying most of those same things in the United States or Australia. Some of them are much cheaper (for example, produce). That’s primarily due to the climate and the availability of those products in India as compared to their availability throughout the year in other countries. In general, the cost of living is fairly low in India, and it won’t take much of an adjustment to your current budget in order to live and thrive there.

This comparison will help you understand the cost of studying in India V/s England V/s France

England France India
Meals $8 -Inexpensive meal (Fast food) $13 – inexpensive meal $2 – inexpensive meal
$15.50 – pub/ restaurant meal $56 – at mid-range restaurant $6 – date at a mid-range restaurant
$67 – average weekly grocery bill $36 – average weekly grocery bill $20 – average weekly grocery bill
Monthly rent $850 – $1,000 $375 – $600 $70 -$200
Utilities About $80 per month About $159 per month About $75 per month
Cell phone About $30 per month About $22 per month About $10 per month
Local transportation Monthly pass: $60 Monthly pass about $53 $50
Personal expenses Pair of jeans: $80 Pair of jeans: $95 Pair of jeans: $35
Cappuccino: $4 Cappuccino: $3 Cappuccino: $2
Movie ticket: $12 Movie ticket: $11 Movie ticket: $3

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