At a glance- Life in India.

India’s people are friendly and welcoming, eager to learn more about other countries. International students in India will find the cost of living unbelievably affordable.

With all that India has to offer, it will be next to impossible not to travel. India’s vast and colourful rail network puts visitors in touch with all parts of the sub-Continent, often costing less than 10 dollars to travel hundreds of miles. The trains offer the cheapest, and safest, way for those studying in India to travel.

Food in India is an experience! Whether in North or South India, restaurants offer tantalising dishes at cheap prices. Meals at cheap restaurants often run less than $1, while even pricier options often cost less than $10, offering yet another good answer to the question “why study in India?”

Although costs of lodging will depend on your program, comfortable apartments can be rented for $60 per month outside major cities to $200 per month in most major city centres. This rent amount can be curtailed down and be shared by two or more students which can lower the rent to less than half per student. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi will often be more expensive although even there costs to rent will often be lower than in European or American cities.

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